Handcrafted products from handstich are items you will treasure forever. we are interested in creating products with soul. masterfully and yet effortless. we are inspired by craftmanship quality and are fascinated by design classics with their own history. their originality and honesty enchants us to achieve “want haves“ of the present that we reinterpret and enhance in a modern way. effortlessly. with its own twist. and uncompromising quality.

Reigniting the spirit of the handstich community to discover something new – both emotionally and intellectually – is what we live for. that is why we take our time to enhance an idea and pay attention to the minor details. we enjoy giving even the minor details their very own character – for example adding a hidden pocket to a polo shirt for storing your bank card. simply because discovering this added extra will make somebody very happy.

The bridge between tradition and modern is a key element of handstich`s dna. we also live this philosophy. we often travel around the world, but we deliberately like to slow down and take a step back at our company headquarters at the seefeld castle surrounded by the meadows, forests and lakes. this is the ideal way to rediscover our creativity and to develop new ideas with passion.

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